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About Meraaj International School

Meraaj International School The earth is but one country We are learning this today And all mankind its citizens These words will show the way For all of us to truly learn Our talents and worth So we can build a new world order Here on earth We have all been likened to leaves upon one tree Flowers of one garden Waves upon one sea Brilliant shining stars Radiant candle rays of light Birds singing in the garden day and night. Make the nations one Let Religions all agree Be occupied with service To all humanity For nothing less than unity can satisfy our minds So tell the world about the oneness of mankind People are singing Haven´t you heard A new day is dawing, we have brand new world.

  • Our main focus is application based learning and helping the student.
  • We have rich collection of stock images, vectors, Books or photos for our school.
  • Children will be motivated & encouraged to participate confidently in activities.
About Us

Good Environment

We are providing islamic environment to your children for their best future.

Islam is a religion revealed by God for all people, in all places, at all times. As such, Islam is accessible to everybody and is particularly mindful of the importance of respect, rights, and responsibilities. The words of the Quran and the authentic traditions of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, contain the rights and responsibilities granted by God to human kind.

They are not subject to the whims and desires of men or women therefore they do not change. These unique rights mentioned in Islam also include the rights of children. Children’s rights are not guaranteed by the actions of their parents, their communities, or even their governments. God Himself guarantees children’s rights.

Islamic Taleem

Quran and hadees is base of our study.

The purpose of our study is to convey to a Muslim audience an understanding of Islam, its history, culture, and contribution to civilization. The mix of an easy-to-read text and visual representations including maps, charts, pictures, and drawings with informative captions explains the important message of Islam in a way that the reader will hopefully find thoughtful and appealing. Relevant verses of the Qur'an and sayings of the Prophet (Hadith) have been included where appropriate, as support for the narrative, and their interspersing sets out their relevant importance.


We also arrange picnic events for refreshment of our students.

The healthy body acts as a catalyst in the process of gaining knowledge depending upon the season, students can participate in sports on campus. The sports facilities facilitate the students in strengthening their physical energy level as well as in fostering team spirit.

Meraaj International School organizes indoor and outdoor games for refreshment of the students in different effects like chess, carom, badminton, football, cricket, quiz, musical chair, kabadi and many more.


We focuse on Arabic and English as well as Hindi.

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Topper Students

Admission Open 2018-19

For Toddler daycare and early eductaion for 1+, 2+ Year olds and Play Groups, Nur, L.K.G., U.K.G. Download Registration Form